Which filters can I use with Gina?

You can use the following filters with GINA:

- Hario V60 size 02
- Chemex
- Kone

For the cold brew method, we recommend using GOAT STORY or Aeropress round paper filters or any other paper filter of similar dimensions.

Please note that those are only our suggestions regarding filters. You are more than welcome to test any other filter and share your personal preference with us.

What about GINAs' filters?

Every GINA is sent out with two sets of paper filters included in the package. While we tested these filters as samples, the final production series of filters turned out to be quite different from the ones we tested, as the brewing process with GOAT STORY filters tends to be much slower compared to Hario V60 or Chemex filters.
Our team immediately started testing filters again. With the help of Aleš Turšič, CEO and head roaster of STOW Specialty Coffee Roasters, we took an analytical approach to brew with surprising results.
We found out GOAT STORY filters are indeed denser than other filters and at first, we thought that would hugely affect the brew quality. After several brews with different grinds, we actually got very similar results with different types of grind (we always used the same coffee and followed the same brewing protocol that included the temperature of the water and the time between putting coffee in the filter and first pours). With only slight differences in the taste of coffee (with brew times ranging from 3:30 and 5:45), we went analytical and also measured TDS for each brew that showed a consistent brew, no matter the time.
What does that tell us? Aleš Turšič explains: “While the filters are not the perfect match for GINA, as they tend to be unpredictable at first, I was surprised that the brews we made were consistent and not really dependant on the time of brewing. What we can deduct from our experiment is that the paper filters tend to "filter out" much more tiny particles in an inconsistent grind, which can be a bit unpredictable at first, but makes for a consistent and properly extracted cup of coffee that will mostly benefit beginners in the field of specialty pour-over coffee.”
To sum it up, the filters that come with GINA are on the slow side, but they have an ability that we did not account for, as they tend to “filter out” an inconsistent grind. That can be a benefit for novice brewers, while versed coffee lovers are welcome to experiment with other filters on the market that will fit GINA.

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