My Gina is leaking, what can I do?

There are two ways GINA may leak (Photo 1). One is between the valve and the ceramic funnel (TYPE-A), the other is through the valve itself (TYPE-B), where the user is unable to completely close it.

Photo 1: Two types of leakage

Type A leakage; Leaking between the valve and the ceramic funnel.

Please take the valve off the funnel to see if the funnel is defective. If the funnel’s bottom is caved in, the gasket cannot function properly, resulting in a leakage. If the ceramic funnel is found to be defective, please put on a straight object (ruler), make some photos where the defect is visible, and send us this photo. Please add your order number as well. If the funnel's bottom is actually caved in we will send you a new one.

Photo 2: How does the defective funnel look like

Note: The problem may be solved by adding an extra gasket between the valve and the funnel.

Video instructions on how to replace Gina’s valve -

Type B leakage; Leaking through the valve itself.

Please take off the valve and tighten the two TORX screws at the top of the valve. If that doesn’t help, please let us know in the email.

Photo 3: Torx screws in Gina valve

When you contact us please provide as much information about the leakage and your order number. 

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