I cannot connect to my GINA, what can I do?

We will do our best to help you solve the problem. Please follow the instructions below and let us know if the problems persist. First thing you should do is check if your phone has all the latest updates installed. We suggest you delete GINA app, update your device, restart your device and again install the GINA app. Afterwards, when you do try to use GINA app please make sure no other devices are connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

Also, with the new updates and changes to the operating system’s privacy policy, you must turn on Location Services or give permission the app to use Location Services, in order for it to locate and connect to your Gina. You can turn on location services in your phone’s settings.

If the suggestion above didn't work, please try the following:

In most cases, as advised by our technical team, it might happen that GINA doesn't appear on the Bluetooth list on your phone or tablet, but should however appear on the list of applications. Therefore, please try this first: 
- Go to the GINA app: 
- Navigate to Menu > Settings > Connect to GINA
- Make sure that blue light on GINA is blinking, if the blue light is NOT blinking, GINA is already connected to another device. 

1. Logging in to GINA’s mobile app
Connect your GINA to a power supply using the USB cable provided to wake her up.
Make sure your smartphone has a stable internet connection.
Enter the app and Sign-up to create your new user account, or Log-in if you already have one.
You can log in with your Facebook account as well, just tap Login with Facebook
to do so.
To have the app log you in automatically, go to account settings and enable automatic login.

2. If you are unable to log-in into the mobile app:
Kill the app, and run it again.
Reboot your phone and reinstall the app.
Update your phone’s operating system.
Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data.
Be sure you’re using the right password. If you are unsure, use the Forgot my password function to reset your password.
If the problem persists, contact us at baa@goat-story.com and provide your GINA’s serial number, phone brand and model and operating system version. Please describe your problem step by step. If you have screenshots that show the issue, that would help a lot!

3. Connecting to GINA, Bluetooth connection
Upon logging-in, the app will try to connect to your GINA.
Be sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.
The app will display a list of all nearby GINAs your phone can connect to.
Pick the one you would like to connect to. Wait until there’s an orange checkmark next to it.
You will see a pop-up notification when a connection has been successfully established.
If you lose your Bluetooth connection to GINA at any time, you can re-establish it by going to Menu > Settings > Connect to GINA.

4. If the app cannot find or connect to your GINA:
Reboot your phone and reinstall the app.
Update your phone’s operating system.
Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning it off and back on.
Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth connection is enabled and that your GINA is within its range.
Try connecting to GINA via your phone’s preferences as well, like you would for any other Bluetooth device. 
If you connected your phone to your GINA in the phone’s preferences before, disconnect it and have Bluetooth “forget” the device. Then reconnect it.
Here is a few useful tips on how to fix iPhone 8 and iPhone X Bluetooth connectivity problems: http://www.iphonehacks.com/2017/12/fix-iphone-8-iphone-x-bluetooth-problems-issues.html

If the problem persists, contact us at baa@goat-story.com and provide your GINA’s serial number, phone brand and model, operating system version (iOS / Android). Please describe your problem step by step, and if possible, send us a few screenshots that show the issue.

We hope the steps above helped to resolve the issue. If not, please do contact us again.

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